We all live on a very small, beautiful, island surrounded by a vast sea of black space.

This island is called Earth.

Surrounded by nothingness in so many ways.

We all know that this precious island is all that we have.

Yet we somehow seem to ignore it.

Just as we seem not to want to work together to make our common home as great as possible for everyone.

But imagine if we did.

Imagine if we were able to take a global perspective – a human perspective – and act as if Earth was our common home.

Our common island.

If everything we did took ourselves, our family, our community and our country into consideration – but also our planet.

Perhaps especially our planet.


It has never been a better time in the history to take a grander approach to ourselves.

It is not about “Thinking Global and Acting Local”.

It is about:

“Thinking Human and Acting Humane.”

Which is the only thinking that makes sense if you think of us all living on a very small, beautiful – and oh, so precious – little island.