The What:

A journey of discovery with the goal of visiting 100 islands in at least 25 different countries, on at least 6 different continents in 100 months or less.

The Why?

Why visit 100 islands all over the world?

Well, I am on a mission. :)

I think that it has never been more important to understand what is happening in the whole world.

That it has never been more crucial to give oneself a broader – and deeper – understanding of our home planet.

I truly believe that we, as human beings, need to start thinking beyond borders and make a conscious effort to look at mankind as one, and to start thinking of Earth as our common home.

And with this World Tour of Island I want to see if I can gain some insights about how we can do that.

Why Island?

Well, first of all because I love them. (some might say I have obsession with them.)

But also because I think islands are micro-costmoses of planet earth.

And I also think that islands, because they have clear boundaries, make them easier to observe, learn from and reflect over instead of studying the whole planet. I hope that the insights I gain from visting these islands will give me the ability to draw conclusions on what we as humans can learn about ourselves in order to create a better world for all of us.

The When?

Start January 1st 2016. End 100 months later (May 1st 2024.)

The How?

It is just what it sounds like: a tour around the world to visit different islands to learn about the world.

Every time I visit a new island I will write one blog post about what I observed, learnt, understood or reflected over while staying on this particular island. 

As the number of islands visited grows I hope the different islands reports will create a clearer pattern about what we as humans can learn about ourselves through the lens of our islands.

Join me.

I am the one who will be doing the traveling (Read about who I am in this other post: “The Island Man – the man behind “A World Tour of Islands”.”)

You can follow the journey here.

If you have any interest in islands, in the world, in having a global – or shall we say, “human” – mindset – or just think it sounds interesting to follow a world tour of islands, then join us by signing up to the newsletter and revisit this site when you can. (And of course help us spread the word about us if you would be so kind.)

And if you have any suggestions on islands you think should be included in the tour, please go to the Contact page and submit your suggestion.

I look forward to hear from you and hope you look forward to following me on this discovery of the world through islands.



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