The Human Island Project

Learning about the world by studying islands.

I am a man who just loves islands. I live, with my family, on the island of Singapore and we spend about two months per year on our private island (pictured) in Sweden. Whenever I get a chance I like to go and visit islands around the world. I think islands are a micro cosmos of planet Earth and I think that by studying islands we can better understand humanity.

Professionally I am an author and global, keynote speaker who speak around the world. In 2015 I spoke in 22 different countries in 5 continents.

(In 2016 I am trying to get speaking engagements at conferences that happen on any kind of island so that I can get to visit as many islands as possible. If you, by chance, happen to know about someone organising a conference on an islands which is in need of a professional speaker I would very much appreciate an introduction.)

Follow this blog if you want to study what I learn about humanity by going around earth studying islands.

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My other blog (a behind-the-scene-look at being a global keynote speaker) can be found at: www.ProfessionalSpeaking.com.)

My personal email is: [email protected]
Phone number: +65 96330421 (Singapore time.)